The PantheonThe Early Pantheon  Did you know the Pantheon is one of the largest Roman temples still standing today? Today where The Pantheon stands, there had originally been an other Roman temple that was built in 27 B.C. This building was burnt down in 80 A.D. This building was built by Emperor Marcus Agrippa, dedicated to the gods Mars and Venus. Today's Pantheon was built in 120 A.D by Emperor Hadrian to replace to original building. 

did you know the pantheon is one of the largest roman temples still standing toda

Construction of The Pantheon
This new building took four years to construct, and is made of brick, stone, and concrete. The building consists of a dome and rectangular area in the front. The domes diameter is 142 feet (43 meters) The dome weighs 4.5 thousand tons. To make the building process easier the builders used lighter material towards the top of the dome, so it would be easy to lift the materials. The building is also made of many arches. The Pantheon also includes an opening at the top center of the dome. They call this open the Oculus. Some people say that when it rains, the dome is so high that the rain evaporates before it reaches the floor, which is not true because when it rains the floor just gets wet.

The purpose for the Pantheon
The original building was made to worship the Gods. After it was burnt to the ground The Pantheon was built to replace it and to still worship the Gods. Today the Pantheon is used as a Roman Catholic church. Pan=all, theon=of the gods, in Greek.

this is a tour of the inside


this is the Oculus located in the dome


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