It was in 106 B.C. when Pompey was born in Rome. He grew up in a very wealthy family and lived a very important life. Pompey was a Roman general and statesman. He was elected consul three times in his life. He raised an army when he was only 23-years-old to help defeat Lucius Sulla to help control Rome. Pompey was in the first triumvirate which included Julius Caesar and Marcus Licinius Crassus. All of this started his whole journey to try to gain control of Rome.

Pompey and Pirates

In 67 BC, Pompey rid the Mediterranean of pirates. He was granted the power to take control of the sea. With that power, he appointed 24 legates the power to control parts of the Mediterranean to help with the plan to eliminate the pirates. With doing this, the danger of the pirates had completley vanished in one years time. He was successful.

Important Facts and Events

  • 59 BC - Pompey married Caesar's daughter, Julia

  • Pompey followed his father's footsteps by entering the military

The Civil War

In 49 BC the most crucial event took place in Pompey's life. Caesar unexpectedly crossed the Rubicon River and Pompey had to gather his troops to gain time to train them. Despite the hard training, Caesar was still able to defeat Pompey and his troops. Pompey then fled to Egypt and was entangled in the quarrels of succession to the throne. The pharoh of Egypt, Ptolemy murdered him.



Map of the Meditrranean where Pompey got rid of the pirates


Statue of Pompey the Great


Pompey's Theatre

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