It all started with a power-hungry mother named Agrippina who always got what she wanted. In 37 A.D., she had given birth to Nero, the child who was to grow up to be Rome's most selfish and aggressive ruler. Unfortunately, he was not born into a royal family, but his mother had a plan for that. She decided to marry Claudius, the current ruler of Rome. "Conveniently", he died soon after and Nero came into rule at the age of 18.

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In the beginning of his reign (54 A.D.), Nero proved himself a good leader. He earned the respect of his peers in government, his advisors, and the people of Rome. With this respect came power; eventually, the high of being able to do what he wanted became an unhealthy addiction. He sought out to gain more power, stopping anyone in his way. With the fear of being overthrown by Claudius's blood-related son, Nero killed his half brother. Also, his mother, who did not want to be pushed aside and forgotten about, grew power hungry as well, and she was murdered. "Kill me in the place that created my son!" she cried, encouraging the killer to stab her in the womb. Also, senators who defied his actions were executed. Now, Nero was the undisputed ruler of Rome.

Next on his agenda was to create a feat so grand that all posterity would remember his name. In 64 A.D. a giant fire sent Rome up in smoke. Nero was blamed for it, for he was seen playing music while the fire was going on. For being accused of wanting to re-create Rome in his own image, Nero grew angry and persecuted the Christians for starting the fire; they were killed as punishment. Soon after, however, Nero took some of the public land away to build a private palace. It was said to overlook a manmade lake, resembling an oceanfront palace. He bled the government funds dry and taxed the citizens of Rome mercilessly in order to fund this project, yet it was completed. The entire structure was a constant reminder to the citizens of Rome that Nero was selfishly ruling to the advantage of only himself.

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Nero was defied by Galba and many others who feared that he was growing to be too destructive. Before the senate was able to kill him, he stabbed himself. “At last, what an artist is dying within me.” He said as he killed himself. Thereafter, Galba came into rule.


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