Marcus Licinious Crassus


Marcus Crassus was born into a family were his family father was a Censor of Spain and prestigious general. The family sided with the Optimates and Sulla instead of Marius and Cinna. This political turn of events wasn't only dangerous for Crassus, but it was also his opportunity for wealth and fame. When Marius and Cenna took control of Rome in 87BC, the Crassus family was at the top of the hit list. When the family was attacked, his father and one brother were both killed in the major bloodshed. Marcus was able to escape and joined a small party who were on their way to Spain. Since his father was the Praetor there, he had a small client base there. One client was Vibius Pacacious, who was able to hide Crassus in a cave on his estate. There he stayed hding from the Consulship of Cinna and was provided food and water by a slave. After Cinna died in 87BC, Crassus created a small army of about 2,500 men and joined Sulla in a march back into Rome. At the Battle of Colline Gate, Crassus was a big help to Sullas but, his favortism was showed more towars Pompey, which began a life long rivalry between the two. After Sulla took power back in Rome, his supporters fed on the opportunities that were given to them by his policy of prosciption and confiscation. No person took more abuse of this then Crassus. He bought up land and properties of the condemned for cheap prices and made a fortune of mining and slave trading. he aslo kept a small force of slaves which he used as a fire-fighting brigade. The way he bought his property cheap was by bruning down an estate and kept barganing with the owner until either the house burned down or they agreed on a low price. In 72 BC, Crassus destroyed the revolt of Spartacus and the gladiators. With the 6000 survivors, he had the all crusified to show others that this will happen to them if they revolt. Then in 60BC, the first triumvirate was formed which included Julius Ceaser, Marcus Crassus, Pompey. The three took controll of the roman government and were able to create a Empire out of it. From there on after, he was able to become the governship of Syria. Suria was able to hold two things fro there governor, the prospect of further riches and th possible military victory against the Parthians. He launched an attack on the Parthians and began to win. He finally found himself cornered with no help and was killed in battle. This happened in 53 BC.