Roman Conqest of Judea

  • Roman Empire in the first years after conquest, gave the population special privilages such as land and religeous freedoms.
  • The population in Judea was 7 million.
  • Julius Caesar arrivied in 47 B.C.
  • Julius allowed the jews special privilages.
  • Later in 66 B.C a rebellion broke out .
  • XII legion was sent to put down the rebellion and was destroyed.
  • After the revolt Masada and Jerusalem were the only opposition.
  • In 71 A.D Jerusalem was captured.
  • Under Tragan pagan temples were destroyed by the jews.
  • Later Trajan prevented another rebellion afterward.
  • Then Hadrian changed the jewish rebellion by moving important religious sacraments.
  • After another revolt Hadrian severly.
  • Community included regions educated,taxes but the hold was weakening.
  • Any one in the synogouge could be penalized for actions.
  • IV century Judea became part of the Byzantine Empire.
  • Providence was renamed Palestine which remained the name until the end of WWII.
  • Conquered by Arabs 638 B.C.

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Map of Judea
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