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To begin with, in the first century A.D., the Jews lived in harmony in Rome. The reason for this is because Julius Caesar and Augustus made laws that allowed the Jewish citizens to study Judaism freely. One day a man named Titus came around and destroyed the Jew's temple in Jerusalem. From there, the Jews were not liked by the Romans. Titus brought back the Jews to Rome and forced them work as slaves. One job the Jews were forced to do was build the Colosseum. In the Colosseum, the Romans took hungary tigers, lions and other man-eating animals and let them out on the Jews. The Colosseum was used for entertainment and the Jews were part of the entertainment. During the building of the Colosseum the Jews were worked until they died. The reason that the Romans did not respect or like the Jews is because they did not understand that the Jews were forbidden to believe in more than one god. As a matter of fact, under Hadrian, the Jews were forbidden to live in the city of Rome. Under Titus the Jews were slaves and prisoners. The Jews were not always prisoners, but when Jerusalem was destroyed, they became slaves. When brought to Rome, the Jews settled in provinces. Instead of being brought back to Rome, the Syrians, migrated to Gaul (present day France). Monotheism was the cause for the Romans hating the Jews; they did not understand that the Jews were not allowed to believe in more than one god like the Romans were. Another reason why the Romans were mad was because the god that the Jews preyed to was not their god. The emperor was also mad that the Jews did not prey to him while they were in his city/country. In the beginning, when the Jews first started living in Rome, the Jews were a separate national community, different from the Romans; this national community was largely based in Palestine. Since the Romans hated the Jews terrible, gory, wars broke out between the Romans and the Jews. On top of all the reasons for the Romans to hate the Jews, another reason is that the Jews were allowed to have a day of rest (shabbat); but, the Romans were not allowed to have a day of rest. During this day of rest, at the end of each week, the Jews were excused from any jury duty and any other requirement that the Romans were forced to do. A famous Jewish person who lived in Rome was a doctor named St. Paul. Because the Romans did not like the Jews living in Rome, there was a Judaic proto-terrorist cult. What this means is that the Jews revolted because they believed that they should be able to live in peace in Rome. In Rome, there were two exotic religions. The two religions were Judaism and Christinaity. The Jews took the most pain from the Romans and the Christans did not recieve much. Revolts broke out from time to time because the Jews wanted to regain their independence. To prove how the Jews were always controlled by the Romans, the first century A.D., Jews had spread from their homeland in Judea across the Mediterranean and there were major Jewish communities in Syria, Egypt, and Greece. The Jews were practicing a very different religion from their neighbors, they were often unpopular so the Jewish people protected themselves and their faith. The Jewish people got tired of being pushed around, so they started a revolt that lasted 4 years and were crushed. After the Romans crushed the Jewish people in the revolt, they took statues and portrayed them throughout the streets of Rome. Also their temple got destroyed which changed Judaism. The taxes that were payed to the temple were now payed to Rome and the tradition of worshiping god at the temple was over. Only the Western Wall remained therefore all of the Jews in Rome prayed in the local synagogues and those became the center of the Jewish religion. A fun fact about Judaism in Rome is that some of the Roman leaders who controlled Judea practiced Judaism too. By 20 B.C. the temple that was destroyed had
been rebuilt a total of three times. Under Hadrian, he tried to stamp out the Jews in Rome. In Palestine, a Jewish country ruled by the romans, Augstine said that the Jews did not have to go to court on sabath. Since the Jews were hated so much, they decided to rebel in 66 A.D; and in 135 A.D. the Jews were driven out of Jerusalem and forbidden to return, that was until the 20th century.
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The Jewish people are revolting.
The Jewish people are consulting.

The Jewish slaves built the Colosseum.

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