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Hadrian is an extremely well known builder in Roman history. This famous Roman emperor was born in January 24 AD 76 in Rome. He was a respected poet, a skilled architect and a honorable student of the Greek people. His mothers name was Aelius Hadrianus and his father was Domita Paulina. Hadrians father was a cousin of the famous emperor, Tragan. Unfortunetly, Hadrians father died when he was very young. As a result of the relation between Domita and Tragan, Hadrian had a possible position of becoming emporer. After the death of his father, Hadrian became a ward of Tragan at age 10.

Rome, in bold, is Hadrian's birthplace

Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian undertook multiple building projects during his life time. One of the most famous was known as "Hadrian's Wall". This wall stretched across Britain with the purpose of keeping Britain safe from the potential, hostile attacks from the Picts. It was built in the beginning of 122 A.D.in the Northernmost boundary of the Roman empire until early in the 5th century. It stretched from the North Sea to the Irish Sea and was approximately 80 roman miles long, 15 feet high and 8-10 feet wide. Adding to the wall, the Romans built a system of small forts that could house up to 60 men called milecastles. There would be one of these forts after every Roman mile along the entire length of the wall and towers located at ever 1/3 Roman mile. Along with the milecastles, sixteen larger forts holding from 500 to 1000 troops were built into the wall. In the south end of the wall, the romans dug out a large ditch called a "vallum" with six foot high earth banks.
Hadrian's wall on the map

Hadrian's wall

AccomplishmentsHadrian's career took off after Tragan's time as emporer completed.He held his first public office as a turbine of Macedonia.He also served in Tragan's Dacian Wars in 101 A.D. - he also became Quaestar in 106 A.D.He was made governor Syria; however, he was soon disliked because he was accused of the execution on four senators. He of course denied, and blamed the senate for ordering the execution-he said it was not his choice.Upon Tragan's death in 117 A.D., Hadrian immediately took the throne. One of the first things Hadrian did during his term was to return the lands in the east that Trajan conquered because in Hadrian's opinion, the empire was too big for it's borders to be successfully guarded. He felt conquering land was less important than keeping the empire safe from invaders (Hadrian's wall). Hadrian is most noted for his extensive expeditions of the whole empire. Not only did he just spread his architectural skills in Italy, he navigated all over to places such as: Greece, Britain and Africa. While he traveled throughout the empire he spread his wonderful Greek architecture throughout the empire. Hadrian died in 138 A.D. in his villa. He was 60 years old and ruled Rome for 20 years.
Hadrian's villa
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