Hadrian's private villa.

Hadrian built his villa as a private summer/holiday resort between 118 A.D and 134 A.D. so Hadrian could escape the cares of the government.The villa dated back to republican times in an area near Tiber. It was made because Hadrian was impressed with Greek architecture.They're over 30 complex's in the villa. There was only 13 domain rooms in Hadrian's Villa. Today only fragments of the domain structures remain scattered among trees and bushes. The villa was a sacred landscape. It is a vast open-air museum of the finest architecture of the Roman world.

  • The villa covered 300 acres of land.

  • It included palaces, theaters, temples, libraries and quarters for the slaves.
    Modern day Hadrian's Villa.

  • The servants there lived underground.

  • Areas in the villa were named after places Hadrian saw during his travels.

  • One of the most striking and best preserved areas was the pool there, named Canopus.

  • It was the greatest villa that belonged to a roman emperor.

  • After Hadrian past away, the villa was passed to Antonini in 130 A.D.

  • In the third century, the villa was stripped of all its valuables.

  • After 900 years of oblivion this palace was again known as Adrian's Emperor, residence of the end of XV century.

  • In sight of the previous centuries, the villa still gave a lot of statues, 300, and art work to European museums.

  • 11503410_43801b1d24.jpg
    View from ancient Hadrian's Villa.
    The villa turned out to be the greatest villa that never belonged to a roman empire.

  • The general plan of the villa had 36 sections.

  • It was a reproduction of the emperors favorite buildings from Greece and Egypt.

  • The villa had scattered fragments of the columns lying among olive trees.

  • The grounds of the villa made a very nice place for a picnic.

  • The most important buildings are signposted and and several have been partially restored or reconstructed.

  • The marble from the villa was burnt to make lime for cement.

This is the servant quarters of Hadrian's villa. They were built in the side of a hill.

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