GaulIn the Ancient Roman times, Gaul was a region of Western Europe. Today, Gaul is present day France and the western part of northern Italy. Roman people got involved with many different countries including Gaul.

This is a map of where Gaul was located in the Ancient Roman Time.


390 B.C- Gaul seized city of Rome.

218 B.C- During the second Punic War, Gaul joined with Hannibal as he crossed the Rhine to invade Italy.

200-100 B.C - Romans defeated the Gauls in Italy, capturing Gallic city, Mediolanun ( Malan).

100 B.C - Romans gain control of a strip of Gaul land along the Medittareanean Sea.

50 B.C - Caesar conquered rest of Transalpine, Gaul.

200- 300 A.D - Gaul suffered from foreign invasions in civil wars.

Gaul seized the ciry of Rome.

Interesting Facts:

-Roman general Julius Caesar described Gaul as inhabitant.
- In Gaul, people spoke Celtic.
-The people of Gaul, gradually adopted Romans customs, laws, and Latin. (Roman Language)
-Augustus organized Gaul into 4 provinces. Later it was subdivided into 17 regions.
-While devasting young Republic, Gallic raids also helped weaken Rome's enemy the Etruscans; in time they helped the rise of Rome to dominance.
-Next century, Gaul remained a constant threat to Rome.

Tribes of GaulRemi- leading tribe of the Belgae, known for horse breeding.Nervii- powerful Belgic tribeArvemi- powerful, live in AuvergneAedui- leading tribe during Caesar's periodHelvetii- major tribe living in Switzerland

Pictured above is the Roman ruins of Gaul.
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