The Roman Conquest of Egypt (Ægyptus)

  • · Rome contacts with Egypt around 3rd Century B.C.
    · Macedonia starts making alliances. Egypt is concerned.
    · Egypt goes to Rome to get help.
    · In 1st Century B.C., the Great Nile Power was becoming more and more protective of Rome. Due to Egypt's government not being able to govern efficiently, Rome realized they had to act as a mediator on several occasions.
    · By the eastern campaign of Pompey around 60 B.C., Rome has taken least control of Alexander's conquests.
    · In 58 B.C., Ptolemy XII Auletes was driven from his kingdom by an angry mob in Alexandria. Rome was forced to step in again.
    · The triumvirate of Caesar, Pompey and Crassus restored him his power.
    · In 51 B.C., the king died.
    · Ptolemy XIII marries Cleopatra VII.
    · Ptolemy XIII fights Cleopatra VII for power over Egypt. Rome watches over the Power struggle.
    · The civil wars between Caesar, Pompey, the Republican Senators brought Egypt into the conflict.
    · After the battle of Pharsalus in 48 B.C., in which Caesar was the victor, Pompey fled to Egypt looking for a safe way out.
    · Caesar joins with Cleopatra VII's army and allies to fight against Ptolemy XIII.
    · Cleopatra VII and Caesar fall in love.
    · Cleopatra VII's army kills Ptolemy XIII in the Great Library of Alexandria, Egypt.
    · Cleopatra VII returns to Rome with Caesar and she gets more involved with politics.
    · Cleopatra VII meets Marc Antony.
    · Caesar gets assassinated March 15, 44 B.C.
    · Ptolemy XIV becomes King/Pharaoh.
    · Cleopatra VII murders Ptolemy XIV to put her son, Caesarion, in power.
    · Cleopatra VII falls in love with Marc Antony.
    · Octavian invades Egypt.
    · Octavian starts The Battle of Actium against Marc Antony.
    · Cleopatra VII flees with her army to hide in her tomb.
    · Cleopatra VII tells her messenger to inform Marc Antony that she is dead.
    · Marc Antony commits suicide due to the possibility of Cleopatra VII's death.
    · Cleopatra VII commits suicide due to the death of Marc Antony.
    · Octavian murders Caesarian

Julius Caesar
Mark Antony