Birth And Family

He was born in Rome on October 24 in 51 A.D. His father is Vespasian and he was the emperor of Rome from 69 to 79 A.D. When Vespasian became emperor, Domitian tried to restore old standards of conduct and religion and control the greed of provincial governors. He settled the war with Dacia (now Hungary and Romania) by compromise and extended the Roman Frontier in Germany

Domitian as Emperor

After his father's death, Domitian became emperor at 29 years old. Domitian ruled from 81-96 A.D. He was very eager and anxious for military fame. In his 15 years of ruling, he terrorized Rome. During his reign, people of other religions, such as Christian and Jewish, were persecuted. In 96 A.D., Domitian was assassinated. During the 70's, he was given responsibility yet no real power because Vespasian had chosen Titus as his successor. However, Titus served as emperor for just two years after Vespasian.


He was killed by a member of his household. Domitian died on September 24, 96 A.D. After his death, the Senate ordered Domitian's name be removed from all public places and refused to give him a state burial. On the same day, a senator who was a part of Domitian's amici, Nerva was chosen as his successor.

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