Constantine The Great275?-337 A.D.
Constantine the Great, also known as Flavius Valerius Constantinus or Constantine I, was the son of Constantius Chlorus who was a famous general under the emperor Diocletian and a Roman officer (also known as Augustus). Constantine's mother, Helen, was the daughter of a humble innkeeper who met Constantius in the military. Helen gave birth to Constantine out of wedlock. He was born at Naissus, in upper Moesia and was the eldest child of Helen and Constantius. Constantine was separated from his father some point in time and reunited just in time to distinguish himself in Britain before the death of his father (25 July 306). Constantius became emperor of the western provinces in 305 A.D. following soon with his death in 306. Constantine was later declared a saint by the church but is not believed by all that he is. Some historians call him an evil man. Constantine was married two times, first to Minervina and had one son Crispus. His second wife, Fausta had three sons and two daughters, Constantinus II, Constantius II, Constans, Constantina and Helena.

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Constantine As Emperor Constantine took thrown when his father, Constantius, passed away in 306 A.D. Constantine became sole ruler of the Roman Empire in 324 and is created with social and economic reforms that significantly influenced medieval society. He used imperial power to bring unity to the church in 325. In 330 he moved his capital of his empire to Byzantiun and renamed it Constantinople. He babtized in 337 when he embraced