Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanica


Born in : 10 B.C. Lugdunum, Gaul
Died in: 54 B.C. at the age of 63
Father: Drusus Nero Claudius Germanicus (younger son of Livia and stepson of Augustus).
Mother: Antonia Minor (younger daughter of Marcus Antonius and Octavia sister of Augustus).
Emporer Of Rome: 41-54 B.C.
Best known as: Fourth emperor of Rome.
Full name at birth: Tiberuis Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus

Claudius was born on August 1, 10 B.C in Lugdunum, Gaul. His parents were Nero Claudis Drusus and his mother, Antonia Minor. Claudius also had two older siblings, Germanicus and Livilla. Claudius could be described as shy,quiet, and a very timid boy. He was always known to be interested in reading and learning new things. Many people would say Claudius lacked leadership skills, but in 41 B.C., he proved them all wrong. Claudius was named the fourth emperor of Rome following Augustus, Tiberus ,and lastly Caligula, who was murdered. Many people would agree that Claudius was well liked by citizens; because, he granted many citizenships to the people of Rome's providences. Also, during his time as emperor, he constructed things such as temples, roads, aqueducts, and other public buildings. Claudius was married several times, his third wife, Messalima, was thought to have plotted against him and planned to kill him. As soon as Claudius discovered her plan, he ordered her to execution. During his reign, Claudius greatly expanded Rome's land like when he ordered the the conquest of Britain in 43 A.D and succesfully conquered the land. Later in life Claudius married his neice, Agrippina who was believed to be Claudius's murderer. Once they were married Claudius adopted their son Nero. Many people believe that Agrippina was involved in the murder of Claudius because she wanted to make her son Nero the emporer of Rome. On October 13, 54 A.D. Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus died in Rome, Italy. Many historians believe that he was poisoned by his wife so his son Nero could take the throne. They buried the remains of Claudius in Mausoleum of Augustus.

This is a Statue of the infamous fourth emporer of Rome Claudius.
This is a Statue of the infamous fourth emporer of Rome Claudius.

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This is a bronze head of Claudius that was found.


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