Created by Kyle Dorony and Max Moore

*Roman Emperor

*Great grandson of the great
Emperor Augustus
*Nicknamed LittleBoots
*Spent time with Father's Army
*Invested as a priest

Caligula leading the Romans as an Emperor

*Caligula was popular among the Romans
*Became ill in 37 AD and went crazy
*Lost popularity once ill
*Put statues of himself in the Roman city and synogauges
*Increased taxes for

own pleasure

One of many coins that Caligula's face was printed on

*Suffered from epilepsy

*Suffered from insomnia

(inability to sleep)

*Tall with spindly legs

*Thin neck

*Sunken eyes

*Cruel Emperor with twisted


*Had four wives

Ancient Rome

*Planned to expand Rome across Rhyne River
*But he didn't go after learning about Germania planning to assasinate him*Planned to go to Britain, didn't go there either*He thought he went to Britain and still received praise for his imaginary victories
Caligula's Tomb
*Three conspiracies were attempted to take his life, one succeeded
* Praetorian Cassius Charea and a few collegues killed Caligula, his wife, and baby daughter
* Stabbed in a hall in his palace
*Died 41 AD
*Emperor for less than four years, 37-41 AD
*Life from 12-41 AD
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